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RMB into the basket, what benefits do we have? – Theory – people.com.cn drawing: Zhang Fangman spent overseas RMB more comfortable "want to buy buy, the flower is not realistic, but the use of resistance will be reduced, may exchange foreign currency conditions become loose" I hope after the accession to the SDR, I can use the RMB to buy buy buy at abroad." Zhang Yue of Beijing Language and Culture University says. She went to Russia a few years ago to travel, favorite paintings and many other items can not be purchased with the renminbi, looking for a place to change the RMB is also very difficult. "If in the future to use the RMB in the foreign point of convenience." Since October 1st, the RMB was officially incorporated into SDR (SDR) currency basket, the RMB has thus become one of the international monetary fund official reserve currency, which means that the international RMB will have higher expectations and more stringent requirements. Many domestic residents look forward to the yuan into the basket, the yuan spent abroad can be more comfortable. In fact, want to use the yuan in overseas "go, want to buy", now is not the reality, although the overseas credit card payment has become more and more convenient, but the use of RMB in cash can not do the flowers. Experts believe that the renminbi "basket", on the whole, the market expectations of RMB will increase, it will be a more stable and more widely accepted currency, people will have more confidence to hold RMB assets, and then reduce the wallets of pressure ", but let the outside vendors are willing to accept RMB cash payment immediately, unrealistic. Assistant president of the University of foreign trade Ding Zhijie believes that the RMB into the basket is conducive to improving its recognition and payment rate in the international market, the market will enhance the confidence of the renminbi. To a certain extent, it will reduce the resistance to the use of the RMB, foreign enterprises and individuals will also increase the degree of acceptance of the rmb. For ordinary people, the future of consumption abroad, travel, study abroad, the exchange of foreign currency conditions may become loose, more convenient procedures. For example, many countries do not support direct RMB exchange, must first be RMB into dollars, then converted into local currency; the future is expected to get RMB exchange directly in local currency, save the dollar link, to avoid the loss caused by repeated purchase. RMB into the basket for overseas investment demand is also a big positive. If the use of foreign investment and financing in the outside world, to better control the exchange rate risk. Moreover, the liquidity of RMB will be enhanced, and the transaction cost and financial cost will be reduced." Beijing, a cultural media company staff Liu said, I hope we invest in the United States, Europe’s stock, bond market, but also as convenient as domestic investment." In the past, Chinese citizens want to have assets overseas, we must use the dollar, domestic assets are also lack of international, but after the international portfolio choice and access to overseas investment opportunities will be more. With the international acceptance of the RMB in the international community, the international portfolio of Chinese citizens will become larger space." Ding Zhijie said. Bring new benefits to the enterprise international settlement and overseas investment more and more convenient, reduce the exchange rate risk management costs, increase enterprise ""相关的主题文章:

The baby pony Bao Li + picture zone released with a bad mood to say goodbye – mother of Sohu hyuna

The baby pony "Bao Li + picture zone released with a bad mood to say goodbye" – Sohu mother in October 27th, baby books released "pony + zone Bao Li with a bad mood to say goodbye to the children’s emotion management story" free trial activities. The probation issued by picture books, children’s fun Publishing Co. Ltd. provides special sponsorship. This is a story book for children’s emotional management, the children of common envy, anger, loneliness, sensitive, irritable, aggressive, brave, proud, stubborn and fragile, fear, inferiority of these 12 kinds of bad mood, through interesting stories, to help children learn to manage their emotions, learning emotion master. Baby zone since March 7, 2011, began to formally organized website picture book free home delivery trial activities, it has been sixth years. From the line since the baby zone advocate picture parent-child reading, has always been to "let every child become lovers" as the goal, in this business philosophy, creating a picture book baby zone free home delivery activities probation standard mode, maintain good cooperation with hundreds of books read press, become lead the industry benchmark platform. The major platform to imitate. So far, the platform has a total payment of more than 2 volumes of books, and hundreds of books on a weekly free delivery frequency to continue to carry out activities, covering millions of books like family. If the majority of parents still choose for the children to worry about, may wish to participate in activities with a baby picture zone, millions of families together roaming colorful story garden. — — more parenting knowledge, parent-child topic, award interactive login baby zone website access相关的主题文章:

Refined oil price adjustment window is about to open retail prices rose 240 yuan per ton or o shuyue

Refined oil price adjustment window is about to open   retail prices rose 240 yuan per ton or over – energy – People’s network on September 1st at 24, the domestic refined oil price adjustment window will open again. Number of agencies that the current round of domestic refined oil retail prices rose more than 240 yuan. According to Zhuo data show that as of August 29th, the valuation of eighth working days period, the main oil change rate is 8.84%, the corresponding increase in gasoline and diesel 295 yuan ton. Reduced price rise, gasoline and diesel were up 0.23, 0.25 yuan. Www oil analyst Qin Wenping said that this round of price hikes after the implementation of China Eastern eleven provinces (except Hainan) the implementation of the country five gasoline and diesel standard in gasoline prices once again into the "6" era (yuan). The retail price of refined oil is expected to rise strongly, to some extent, led to the rise in wholesale prices. According to Zhuo estimates, as of August 29th, the domestic three barrels of oil (PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC) unit of refined oil wholesale prices have been compared to a price adjustment period has risen 4.2%. Private refineries follow the trend of international crude oil prices, more obvious. The average price of gasoline last period has risen 11.6%, diesel rose slightly, but also as high as 6.6%. Wholesale prices further compressed the gas station of zero profit. However, in the current retail price of refined oil rose, refined oil wholesale and retail prices are expected to expand again, gas station retail gross profit is expected to rise further. JOYOU Information Analyst Zhang Jin predicted that oil products in September 1st 24 when the retail price limit or up to $240 tons. At present, the domestic market is close to the "golden nine silver ten" the traditional peak season demand, terminal stocking rich atmosphere, is expected to recently the price of gasoline and diesel is still steady on the behavior of the main. (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章:

In the end can not revert to the old saying during lovemaking Sohu – melia kreiling

In the end can not revert to the old saying: during lovemaking? Sohu – maternal male compatriots will have such a sad: since the wife had a baby, no lovemaking, everything for the sake of safety. Men really hard ah, but you know, pregnancy can lovemaking. How to crack? Focus on women’s health, you can also join the "love in gynecological health group, speak freely, exchange ideas, let you become a senior treasure mother healthy woman. Q group: 424940962. A pregnant, can lovemaking? For most healthy pregnant women during pregnancy, sexual life is safe, in addition to high-risk mothers. Even if you know it, the relevant health and posture problems still need to pay attention to. 1: pregnancy in the end can not live life? The answer is yes. Early pregnancy and late pregnancy should pay attention to some of the second trimester may be relieved, because pregnancy is divided into three stages: early pregnancy: 0~12 weeks (12 weeks) during this period, many people will think of embryo implantation in early pregnancy is not stable, that is not good for the baby and even abortion. In fact, if it is not high-risk women, there is no experience of premature birth and unexplained bleeding, early pregnancy can also be sexual life, the general posture no problem, activities can be a little soft. PS: Although most of the causes of abortion are due to genetic defects, pregnancy disorders or embryonic development is not complete, but too intense sexual life during pregnancy is absolutely impossible. In the middle of pregnancy: 13~28 weeks (16 weeks) after pregnancy for about 3 months, the placenta has been formed, the position of the fetus rose to the belly button above the abdominal cavity, the end of the early pregnancy, the fetus entered a relatively safe stage. Under normal circumstances, the mother of the second trimester of pregnancy, because of the impact of sex hormones will enhance libido. Because of vaginal congestion during pregnancy, it will become more sensitive than usual, I heard that a lot of female compatriots in this life only a real climax, that is, in pregnancy. Although this time the father can sayazi rush, but still have to pay attention to health and body posture, and don’t be too rude. Late pregnancy: 29~40 weeks (12 weeks) 3 months before, because the hormones that cause sexual female compatriots will be reduced, the late pregnancy stimulation of uterine contraction, easily lead to premature birth, this time to sexual life constrainedly. 2: these circumstances, do not recommend pregnancy for children in life, it is recommended that high-risk women do not have sex during pregnancy. Don’t make up your mind, you should consult your doctor. There have been abnormal abortion, premature birth and other abnormal childbearing history. The pregnancy, placenta previa, placental abruption, polyhydramnios or oligohydramnios, malposition, prolonged pregnancy, fetal abnormalities, fetal macrosomia, pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome and other abnormal situations. Pregnant women with heart disease, chronic nephritis, diabetes, acute infectious hepatitis, tuberculosis, severe anemia and other complications of pregnancy. Two, during lovemaking, baby know? Children’s sex education is a very important issue, but began in the belly, is not too early to 1: pregnancy sex life will hurt the baby?.相关的主题文章:

Man in the bus to grab the phone and get together to protect the female passengers off (video) www.yiyi.cc

Man in the bus to grab the phone all together to subdue and protect the female passengers get off the bus to grab the phone all the people together to subdue and protect the female passengers to get off the vehicle surveillance video screen. Vehicle monitoring video screen. November 1st Ji’nan times news the evening of October 31st, the event occurred to snatch the mobile phone 41 Road on the bus: a man in the car and tried to snatch a passenger’s mobile phone, then the two dispute tussle together. Driver Zhai Zhaoqun stepped forward in time, with the help of other passengers to control the man and handed over to the police…… That night, Zhai Zhaoqun driving 41 bus traveling from nine to Daming Lake East direction. The vehicle video can be seen in the 21:25, the vehicle to the Daming Lake near the south gate, a man wearing a dark jacket on the car. At that time, not many passengers in the car, the man in the driver’s seat after sitting on the left side for a few seconds, then stood near the front door, and has been observing the surrounding situation. At this point, in the bus on the right side of the first seat, Mr. Fu is on the phone. 21: 27, bus stop, there is a male passenger to get off. The man is still hovering near the front door, there is no sign of getting ready to get off. 21:29, another male passenger got off. At this point, the man began to look back and forth, looked a little uneasy, during which he saw Mr. Fu at the moment, Mr. Fu is still on the phone. After some observation, the man once again sat back to the driver’s seat after the first row of the left row, which is opposite Mr. fu. 21:31, the vehicle to the anchasi Street bus stop. The man suddenly got up and sat down to call Mr. Fu side, the arm stretched from the back of Mr. Fu’s neck, suspected to grab Mr. Fu’s cell phone. At this time, startled Mr. Fu back to God, the mobile phone out instantly, then the two blows up. Zhai Zhaoqun heard two people after the dispute, immediately parked the car and close the door. "This man was in the car, I feel a little wrong, what has been talking about, but could not hear clearly." 1, Zhai Zhaoqun told reporters that at the beginning he thought that the two men are ordinary fights, but heard someone shouting grab the phone, only to find the seriousness of the incident. The time of the incident, Zhai Zhaoqun saw the man again to Mr. Fu rushed past, he immediately reined in the man’s neck to control it, "the great effort, has been struggling, then there are several passengers also came to help." According to the vehicle monitoring video display, in addition to Mr. Fu, Zhai Zhaoqun, as well as a young man wearing glasses has been helping to control the man, the final 3 together to subdue the snatch, and dialed the 110. After 1 minutes, finally, a male passenger car only joined them, and open the front door under the command of Zhai Zhaoqun, let 3 female passengers behind the car. During the period, man is still struggling in the non-stop, Mr. Fu will be taken off the belt man’s feet. 21:40, the police will take away the man. Behind the incident, someone’s man did not have the case was not responsible for the end of 1, the passenger Fu told reporters that the day because the car is coming to an end, he sat in front of the car to the front seat of a friend to call. At that time I saw the man went to the front door armrest, "at first I thought he was going to get off the front door.相关的主题文章: